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Culture & Values

Our company is founded upon a several principles and values

Work-Life Balance

At pinecrest, we believe that if one does what one loves, the activity ceases to be work and instead becomes an adventure. Hence, all our staff are dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do, translating directly to exemplary performance.

Tangible Results

All our projects are undertaken with clear and specific goals in mind straight from the design phase to exceution and deployment, with constant monitoring of all activities so that the goals are achieved with the highest efficiency, beyond the expectation of the client.

Competitive Advantage

We believe that each client that engages us should experience a quantifiable improvement in their operating environment that places them ahead of their peers in the industry. As such, we pay special attention to post implementation metrics.

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Our Services

We are a Specialist Consultancy Services provider

Finance & Accounts

Do you experience diffuculty during audits? Has your business accumulated a lot of accounting data but little useful information? Our team will streamline your internal control systems to ensure that financial information is available whenever needed, whether internally or by external parties.

Operations Automation

If the pace of your core business is being bogged down by too much paper work and other bureaucratic impediments, we will design a solution that guarantees rapid codification, aggregation and transmission of the information flow in your business allowing you to operate at a more efficient rate.

Systems Integration

Often a business accumulates a lot of data from various systems but which adds little value to the decision making process because it is fragmented and dispersed. Working closely with your systems' users and administrators, we will propose a solution that integrates and interrelates this data to extract useful insights.

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Just relax &
let us do the heavy lifting

The process of automation is viewed with skepticsm because of the disruptions and costs associated with the transitioning from systems in which the business is already heavily invested.
We assure all our clients that our extensive experience allows us to ensure that their business is able to move from thier current systems to our solutions without any downtime by doing the following:

  • Data Conversion & Loading
  • Consultative/Inclusive Design & Development Process
  • Interactive User Support & Training
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Our Clients Say..

We prefer to let our satisfied clients convince you

“Pinecrest designed and installed an integrated solution for property management for us that has significantly improved our daily workflow. We no longer have to worry about paperwork or accounting or other non-essentials, allowing us to concentrate on our core business”
- Florence Wamuyu, Property Manager: Sparrow Property Consultants
“ Running a Fuel Retail business requires very extensive analytics to keep track of stocks. Additionally, effective management demands that one is fully appraised of the operations status at all times to be able to respond to rapidly evolving situations. Pinecrest deployed a solution that gives me a bird's eye view of all my outlets in realtime, granting flexibility and nimbleness in my decision making”
- Gina Kungu, Founder of Wyro Enterprises

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